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Seeing Eye People

A collaboration between BuzzFeed Labs and Improv Everywhere where we imagined what it would be like if Seeing Eye People were on hand to help New Yorkers text and walk.

In this version, we approached real people on the streets of NYC to offer the service.



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Good Seeing Eye People help NYC pedestrians walk while texting


Reaction Cam

A new way for BuzzFeed readers to react to stories on the site. From BuzzFeed Labs


A clock that tells time using thousands of BuzzFeed list posts. Clicking on any second, minute, or hour takes you to a list featuring the amount of items designated on the flip panel. Try it now. (role: Creative Director)

New Yorker Magazine

Awkward Chatbot

Awkward Chatbot

From BuzzFeed Labs: A robot that simulates an awkward interaction with a human being over chat.

Start your own awkward chat



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MSN Awkward Chatbot basically sums up all your online conversations

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Branded Content (AT&T)

Branded Content (AT&T)

One in a series of illustrations for BuzzFeed stories (by Andrea Hickey) that highlighted AT&T’s unique ability to let you talk and surf. These images were widely shared across the web.

Goodbye to Koch

Goodbye to Koch

This appeared in a BuzzFeed post as tribute to Ed Koch. Illustration by Andrea Hickey