Facebook Projects




A collaboration between Facebook and The One Show, this was the first time an ongoing collection of world-class Facebook publishing by brands and creative agencies were brought together in one place. All posts are chosen by and commented on by top creative talents from around the world.

Team: Ji Lee, Kevin Knight, Deb Bednar & One Show

Timeline Launch Teaser (unreleased)

When Timeline was launched, it put people’s long-forgotten updates and stories right at their fingertips. Our idea was to equate one’s first time using Timeline with going through a box of memories. A bunch of Bay Area residents allowed us into their homes to film them going through their own real life “memory boxes” that they hadn’t opened in years. This is one of a series which was never released as we decided not to tease the launch at all. You can see the Timeline Launch Page which I collaborated on here.

404 Page

This 404 error (page not found) was tested amongst 5% of English speaking Facebook users. Visitors could start the clock and make peace with the void. Copy: This Page Does Not Exist. It may have been removed, or something could be wrong with the link. Feel free to enjoy the nothingness for a minute.