World Cup Header Cam (Banner)

To highlight how AT&T’s mobile internet speed lets World Cup fans stay connected to the action, we let fans test their own speed with this first-of-its-kind banner-ad.

ACD/Art Direction: Dominick Baccollo, ACD/Writer: Todd Brown, Creative Director: Jeff Greenspan

Plead Your Case (Holiday Facebook App)

This Facebook app helped you build a case as to why you deserved the phone you were asking for during the holidays. It featured Roger Gideon, a high powered holiday-attorney who made it easy to ask for, and get, the seasonal compensation you were entitled to.

ACD/Art Direction: Danny Adrain, Writer: Chris Baker, Creative Director: Jeff Greenspan

Shout It From the Mountaintop (Valentine's Day)

Art Director: Jaclyn Rink, Writer: Ashley Davis-Marshall, Creative Director: Jeff Greenspan

Up All Night (Blink 182)

Instead of punishing copyright violators, Blink 182 rewards them.

Art Director: Jesse Snyder, Writer: Chris Baker, Creative Director: Jeff Greenspan