Tourist Lanes

After placing these lanes anonymously around NYC for two months, I finally revealed my identity through a collaborative event with Improv Everywhere (below).

The Improv Everywhere/Tourist Lane Performance. 

For more pics and info on this aspect of this project, click here.

Why did they assume it was a “he?”


At the crossroads of highbrow and brilliant. Thank you New York Magazine.


Excerpt from article in Barcelona news, as translated by Google:

“As to the authorship of these lanes that separate visitors to the premises, is not known yet if this is an artist who prefers to remain anonymous, neighborhood of a claim or a viral campaign. What is certain is that an initiative of the same nature are held in New York City two weeks ago generated some controversy among the citizens of the Big Apple.”



Seems the British are borrowing my idea. London is directing slow movers to walk in a “shopper lane” along Oxford Street. The Wall Street Journal says the idea “echoes a gag played in New York City last May.”


It even made the news as far away as Germany. A snail with an “I love New York” button. Oh those wacky Germans.


Some made their own online mashups, photoshopping pics and spreading them around the Web.