How it all happened.

Letterbombing in action. Over 20,000 people checked out the project in its first two weeks.


Full article on how we Letterbombed Sara Palin here.


They don’t call out Letterbombing by name, but still happy for the mention.


PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) launched a Letterbombing campaign against DKNY’s use of rabbit fur and garnered thousands of Facebook and Twitter shares within hours.


Letterbombers attack New York Governor Paterson’s Facebook page in support of an autism insurance reform bill.


The Wigg Party, a San Francisco based community organization, did a series of Letterbombings on Facebook pages they support. Check them out here.


A Belgian radio station Letterbombs their name on the Facebook page of Q-Music, their rival station in The Netherlands. Good work guys.


At letterbombing.com were able to download your own letters and learn how to successfully bomb. 

Letterbombing – The Movie? Some other Belgians took Letterbombing to new cinematic heights. (The Letterbombing kicks in around 2:25.) Well done guys. (Though I’m not sure I get what the hell is going on.)