CAPTURED - People In Prison Drawing People Who Should Be

For over a year, Andrew Tider and I asked people in prison to paint or draw people we felt should be in prison–the CEOs whose companies are destroying our environment, economy, and society.


CEO of Pfizer as drawn by a man serving four years for auto theft


Aside from being tweeted by Michael Moore, Matt Taibbi, and Ai Weiwei, the project was shared over 50,000 times on Facebook in just a few days.


President of FIFA as painted by a man serving 72 years for assault with intent to kill


CEO of BP Oil as drawn by a man serving 9 years for robbery


Featured Press:

Guardian / Good / Mic / Hyperallergic / Artnet / BoingBoing / Gothamist / ATTN / Vice / FastCo


Portraits were presented alongside the crimes committed by both the companies and by the incarcerated artists. 


A limited edition of 1,000 books sold out in a week. All profits were donated to help elect Bernie Sanders, since holding corporations responsible for their crimes, reforming the criminal justice system, and removing corporate control over government were pillars of his campaign.


The LISA Project, donated a 20-foot long wall space in NYC’s Lower East Side and secured the talents of street artist Willow to bring CAPTURED’s Koch Brothers portraits to the streets.


The entire collection was given a gallery exhibition at San Francisco’s Heron Arts. You can read about the show here and here.